I-Pharbaco Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Formerly known as the Central Manufacturing Institute, based in Hanoi Phu Doan Street.

During the war against the French Court, the preparations were transferred to the Viet Bac war zone and was assigned the task of manufacturing medicines for the resistance. After the peace was restored (1954) was transferred to Hanoi,


In the period of market economy, especially since equitization, Pharbaco still maintains the leading manufacturer role with the recognition of doctors and patients in the manufacturing sector:

Specialized medicine
Medicines produced by modern technology
Supply drugs for national programs to prevent social diseases: tuberculosis, malaria, school worms
Exporting products to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa. Up to now, the company has built branches and production facilities.


transformed into Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company I – Pharbaco according to Decision No. 286 / QD-BYT dated January 25, 2007 and Decision No. 2311 / QD-BYT dated June 27, 2007 of the Ministry Minister of Health. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry.


Pharbaco was the first pharmaceutical manufacturer in the North to invest in and put into operation a factory producing injectable powder containing Penicillin group with GMP-ASEAN standards, a testing laboratory meeting the standards. GLP, a warehouse system that meets GSP standards.


Pharmaceutical Factory 1 changed its name to Central Pharmaceutical Factory 1.


it was moved from Phu Doan Street to the current headquarters of the Company: 160 Ton Duc Thang – Dong Da – Hanoi and merged with more units. , renamed to Enterprise 1 with the task of producing medicine, bandages and medical supplies for the war against the US to save the country and to the people. Due to the diversified production tasks, the large quantity of products and to ensure the expertise, in 1961 Enterprise 1 was split into 3 enterprises:

Pharmaceutical Enterprise 1. Specializes in manufacturing modern medicine.
Pharmaceutical chemical enterprise is now the Hanoi Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company: producing chemicals for making drugs and a number of medical supplies.
Pharmaceutical factory 3 is now Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company III in Hai Phong.


After the peace was restored (1954) was transferred to Hanoi